Q. What is Bank Alfalah Internet Banking?

Bank Alfalah Internet Banking is a real-time online banking service, offering a simple, convenient and secure method of accessing your Bank Alfalah accounts via the Internet. Through this doorstep banking facility you can conduct your financial transactions at your own time, location and convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. What can I do with Bank Alfalah Internet banking?

Bank Alfalah Internet Banking offers a range of financial services and payment facilities through all your accounts which are linked to your Bank Alfalah Visa Debit card. These include:
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Mini-statements
  • Account statement for one year
  • Transferring funds between your Bank Alfalah accounts
  • Transferring funds from your Bank Alfalah account to other Bank Alfalah account holders
  • Transferring funds to selected 1-LINK & MNET member banks  Utility bill payments
  • Credit card bill payments
  • Purchasing mobile phone airtime
  • Internet Service Provider Bill Payments
  • Donations to selected charitable organizations
  • Payments for online shopping
    and much more…

Q. What are the prerequisites for Bank Alfalah Internet Banking?

Bank Alfalah Internet Banking has the following prerequisites:
  • You should be a Bank Alfalah account holder
  • You should have an active Bank Alfalah Visa Debit Card
  • Your local cell number must be registered with Bank Alfalah
  • Your email address must be updated at Bank Alfalah

Q. How do I register for Bank Alfalah Internet Banking?

Registration for Bank Alfalah Internet Banking is a simple one step process if you have a Bank Alfalah Visa Debit card. All you have to do is click on ‘Register’ button on the main Bank Alfalah web site and fill out the application form. Bank Alfalah will process your application and you will be provided a one-time password via an email and SMS on your registered email address and cell number. You will be required to change your password immediately after your first login.

Note: Please make sure you provide the information e.g. your cell number, date of birth and email address that you have provided to us in the Hilal Card Maintenance Form. If that information is outdated, please visit your nearest Bank Alfalah branch and update your information.

Q. How do I update my email address and Cell number?

Visit your Bank Alfalah branch and submit a request in writing to add your email address and cell number in our 'Registration Database'. Your email address and cell number will be added within 3 business days.

Q. Can I access Bank Alfalah Internet Banking from anywhere?

Yes! You can access Bank Alfalah Internet banking from anywhere anytime via the Internet.

Q. I am not receiving Bank Alfalah Internet Banking emails on my Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo etc. email address?

By default, Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo etc. has set the Junk Mail Filter to ‘Enhance’ spam filtering. Because of this, legitimate messages are occasionally identified as junk e-mail and are moved to the Junk folder. To ensure messages from Bank Alfalah are not moved to the Junk folder, please add domain ‘bankalfalah.com’ to your inbox Safe/White List.

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Manage Multiple Accounts
Alfalah Internet Banking gives user the freedom of managing multiple accounts through the user id provided. You can choose the account that you want to view from the menu.

24/7 Account Access
Alfalah Internet Banking allows users to access their respective accounts through internet without the constraints of time and space.
Real Time Account Balances
Alfalah Internet Banking lets users view their accounts in real time. This essentially means that the transaction that takes place at a certain time in the day can be viewed instantly online. This gives user the power to monitor the cash flows/transactions sitting virtually anywhere on the planet.

Download Statement
Alfalah Internet Banking also gives user the power to view/download/print/email the account statement any time, any day, anywhere.
Utility Bill Payment
No queues, no waiting, pay utility bills online at your ease.

Telecom Top-up
Top-up your mobile and internet services from anywhere.

3rd Party Fund Transfer
Sending money has never been so easy. Transfer funds anytime anywhere.

Disclaimer:Please remember that Bank Alfalah will never ask you for any information through an email, link sent through email or phone call for verification or any other purpose. Any such email received is a scam/fraud and we would request you to immediately report the same to us by emailing us at customercomplaints@bankalfalah.com or by calling us on 111-225-111. If you have any doubts, always call us and confirm before you take any action. If you have provided any information on such unauthentic emails/phone calls immediately change your Alfalah Internet Banking and Email Password, Secret Question. Bank Alfalah shall not be liable for any loss, damages, whatsoever resulting from such fraudulent activities and deceptive practices by third parties. For further information please read and understand the Terms & Conditions for Alfalah Internet Banking usage issued by the Bank Alfalah Limited.